The last few months working in Paysafe were just amazing experience and I want to share that together with Leni Pepelisheva we’ve built an amazing friendship and we also made our Design system more powerful than ever.

The Design System we working on is helping teams build better products, provide faster implementation and more accessible UIs, by making design reusable, and scalable. We achieved this by providing teams with a collection of reusable, integrated components that are governed by very clear standards, and best practices. For us making design scalable is one major challenge that design systems solve. Other equally important challenges for us was making each product consistent, even if it is produced by different teams, also, decrease maintenance and of course, save some time and money along the way.

As a UX and Experience Designer, we need to have a unique skill set, like empathy, listening skills, research techniques, and problem-solving methods. But last 6 months with Leni we actually make the transition from an Experience Designer to a Design System Designer and I could say that It is so much more than just building a Figma Library.